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The Supreme Court Library has been the judicial institution that collects and provides the most extensive law-related resources in the nation. We have been exercising our best efforts in order to provide diverse and valuable law-related informations to the persons involved in law-related areas including, but not limited to, the legal practice community as well as its academic community.

In "the knowledge information society" denoted by digitalization and ubiquitousness, the Library moves beyond providing a traditional service mainly focused on book borrowing and public reading, and primarily works on the establishment of digital library for easy and convenient access to resources by providing a comprehensive database of high-quality judicial informations, domestic and foreign, as well as diverse types of trial materials and law-related publications produced by the courts of our nation.

As a future-oriented library that is anticipated and demanded by the law-related information consumers, the Supreme Court Library's home page is intended as the "forum on judicial informations" to which the persons involved in legal practice community and its academic community have convenient access. Furthermore, we wish to operate it as the "public domain" where valuable informations are collected as to a whole use of the Library.

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