Introduction to Judicial History Materials

"Judicial History Materials" refers to historically valuable, court related internal and external materials.

The Supreme Court Library collects these valuable historical materials and systematically manages, preserves, and exhibits them, while simultaneously using these materials in the compilation and research of judicial history.

 Record Materials (judgment records, case records, books, registers,     documents, maps, photographs, disks, tapes, films, slides, and various     other record materials)

 Objects (court seals, official seals, hanging boards, stationeries, equipments, judge's robes, name plates,     souvenirs, and various other articles)
  Number of historical materials stored in the Judicial History Materials Room as of Oct.1, 2003
      Record materials : 7,600 pieces
      Objects : 180 pieces
  Number of historical materials on exhibition as of Oct. 1, 2003
      Record materials: 38 pieces
      Objects: 33 pieces
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